8 Cheesy Stock Photos to Uninspire! (Business Edition)

cheesy stock photography

What you are about to see is the worst of the worst. Stock photos so cheesy, they could turn fondues into fon-don'ts. We hope you'll use this page as an un-inspiration board, something to deter you from using terrible photos on your site. 

But "Hey isn't taste subjective?" No dear reader, not this time. 

1. 'The Greedy corporate Statue-Man Overlooking the Harbor' Cheesy Stock Photo

cheesy stock photos

Not sure what's going on here, but it's creepy, real creepy. Just a thought, but it's probably not a good idea to attach things that make your readership feel awkward about your brand. 

2. 'The Inferiority Complex' Cheesy Stock Photo

cliche stock photos

Really, not only are you the bossyou've got to carry around a giant card that reminds us of that fact? No thank you Michael Scott, no thank you.

3. 'The Unknown Arrow Trending Upwards Surrounded by Misspelled Buzzwords' Cheesy Stock Photo

funny stock photos

First off, it's probably a good idea to use spellcheck if you're going to use a photo to be seen by potential clients. Second of all, throwing as many buzzwords and arrows pointing to 1'o'clock just seems like a recipe for brand image disaster. 

4. 'The Anonymous Clipart Businessmen' Cheesy Stock Photo 

corny stock photos

Is this a group of employees? Super top secret spies? Not sure, but for one thing--you can't see their faces, and this makes it really hard to identify with. Not to mention, these photos look just like something straight out of Clip Art

5. 'The Write on the Lens Like Nobody Cares' Cheesy Stock Photo

business stock photos

This was cool, for a while. But it's bee so overused, it might be better to avoid this one and add something fresh to the mix. 

6. 'The Overly Anxious Business Woman Sitting at a Desk With a Photoshopped Background' Cheesy Stock Photo

bad stock photos tumblr

This woman is clearly super happy. Why? Because supposedly she just made a purchase on your site. But the fan blown hair with a finger pointing to the sky and fake backdrop shout "this is not a real buyer!" 

You want client's to identify with the people you use in photos, not feel like they're being sold something from a Hollywood exec. 

7. 'The Space Commander Headset' Cheesy Stock Photo

call center

Is this a scene from a poorly funded Minority Report rip-off, or a tacky stock photo? We're not sure, but whatever it is, it's probably not the image you want to represent your business.

8. 'The Throw Two Random Objects from JC Penney on a Whiteboard' Cheesy Stock Photo

awkward stock photos

This is supposed to be a business photo, but it looks like someone just threw their corporate noose down next to a wallet that's clearly never been used by anybody. There are so many better options when it comes to photos like these, there's no excuse to use one like this.